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Who Really Owns Your Personal Credit Information You or
the Credit Bureaus?

We developed this site for you to get free credit information. You'll find free credit information including articles, videos, tutorials, and resources designed to help you improve your credit.

We map out the credit industry for you by providing you free credit information on topics ranging from how to repair credit to credit card debt elimination to how to dispute your credit report. You'll learn about the roles and conflicts of interests of the credit industry players and how they each impact your credit information.

Your credit scores are increasingly being used by businesses to make decisions that have nothing to do with you borrowing money, but still significantly affect your finances:
So you can see why it's so important to get free credit information, learn about the credit industry, your credit rights, and how to legally improve your credit.
With so much credit industry misinformation and so many credit repair organizations offering various types of credit repair services, you may be asking...

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