Credit Bureau Dispute Letter

Is your Credit Bureau Dispute Letter even being read?

When writing a credit bureau dispute letter it's important to remember that part of your objective is to ensure that your dispute letter actually gets read by someone at the credit bureau. Believe it not, many don't.

The credit bureaus process over 60 million pieces of credit data each day. As a result, they have incorporated an automated dispute processing system called eOSCAR, an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scanning technology that enables computers to literally "read" your dispute letter.

The eOSCAR credit bureau dispute processing system looks for keywords or phrases and then categorizes your credit report disputes into a 2-3 digit code for electronic dispute processing. In other words if your dispute letter gets processed by the credit bureaus' eOSCAR system instead of a genuine verification of your dispute, you stand a good chance of just receiving a form letter from the credit bureaus.

The credit bureau form letter will indicate they "verified" your dispute; when in fact their system only confirmed with your creditor's system the original information provided by your creditor in the first place.

There are several credit repair industry secrets that many experienced credit repair companies deploy to increase the chances that your credit dispute letter will be given the attention it deserves. These credit repair techniques include writing the dispute letter with purposeful misspellings, poor grammar, cute fonts, highlighting, and hand-written envelopes in purple ink.

The use of such credit repair secrets may help you to bypass the eOSCAR system and get your dispute letter into the hands of a credit bureau dispute processor to conduct a legitimate verification of your credit report disputes.

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