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The right credit repair sample letters may help you get better results from the credit bureaus, original creditors and collection agencies reporting inaccurate, outdated, or unverifiable credit information on your credit reports.

The credit bureaus and even certain government regulators will tell you to simply contact the credit bureaus and inform them of any errors listed on your credit reports to fix your credit. Well, if you've had any dealings at all with the credit bureaus, you already know it's not that simple.

One consumer recently called me to request a credit consultation. She said she was frustrated by the credit bureaus and her doctor. She paid her doctor's office for a medical procedure. However, later on the doctor sent her account to a debt collection company in error. The collection company then reported it to the credit bureaus.

She contacted her doctor's office to fax a copy of her proof of payment and they refused to accept it. They told her she had to deal with the credit bureaus. She then contacted the credit bureaus who "verified" the disputed information and directed her back to the doctor.

She was so frustrated by the whole process that she shouted "it's a catch 22 and I just don't know what else to do". She said she no longer had the time or emotional stamina to continue to fight the credit reporting system, so she called us.

Credit Repair Sample Letters...
What is eOSCAR?

Experian, Transunion, and Equifax use an automated credit dispute system called eOSCAR to process consumer credit report disputes. The credit dispute system is designed for the credit bureau computers to use optical character recognition (OCR) scanners to "read" your credit repair letters.

So if you don't draft your credit repair letters based upon how the eOSCAR system works, it may be just a waste of time. You may simply get a computer generated form letter from the credit bureaus indicating they "verified" your dispute. This can be very frustrating.

To get better results, it's important to draft credit repair letters using credit laws designed to protect you. It's equally important to draft credit repair sample letters based upon an understanding of how the credit bureaus, creditors, and collection agencies process credit report disputes.

For example, did you know the credit bureaus process over 60 million pieces of credit information daily? So it's virtually impossible for them to process the majority of the credit disputes by hand. That's why they jointed together to create the eOSCAR system for automated processing of consumer credit report disputes in the first place. So its critical to know how their dispute process operates when drafting credit repair letters to send to the credit bureaus.

Credit Repair Sample Letters...
Are you using the correct credit laws?

Also, you should know that there are new credit laws requiring consumers to draft credit report letters in a certain manner when disputing credit items directly with your creditors (e.g. credit card companies). If you don't properly draft the credit repair letters for your creditors, by law they don't have to investigate the disputed items listed on your credit reports.

Finally, collection agencies oftentimes violate federal and state laws when reporting credit information to the credit bureaus. So, it's very important to draft credit repair letters using language to insist they comply with the right credit laws when disputing credit items on your credit reports.

Credit Repair Sample Letters...
Is anyone actually reading your credit disputes?

Experienced credit repair professionals use certain credit reporting industry techniques to get better results. These credit repair secrets leverage information regarding how the credit bureaus operate. One of the biggest credit repair secrets includes special techniques used to send credit repair letters to ensure they by-pass the eOSCAR system to reach an actual human being at the credit bureaus.

Also, there are credit repair secrets regarding how to send credit repair letters to ensure your credit disputes are actually investigated by the credit bureaus and not simply responded to by automated computed generated "verification" form letters.

As a licensed credit attorney, I spend many hours reading credit reporting industry and consumer reports. I also spend lots of time pouring over transcripts of congressional hearings and trial depositions of credit bureau executives to glean insight into how credit bureaus operate.

We post many of these consumer reports and transcripts on our site for your review and verification of the authenticity of the credit information we provide.

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