Credit Repair Scams

Speaking of credit repair scams, I was recently in the audience of a financial seminar at a church when the presenter asked the audience what they thought about credit repair companies. Immediately the crowd shouted out "scams" "con artists" "rip offs". The presenter then said, stay away from these guys. They charge you for things you can do yourself.

It's interesting to me that the presenter can wash her car herself, but still chooses to go to a car wash to get it professionally done. However, when it comes to credit repair, for some reason there is a stigma associated with credit repair organizations charging a fee for something you can do yourself.

Some people consider it a benefit to have a professional to handle their credit repair needs as a convenience or simply as a service they choose not to spend their time doing themselves.

I will admit there are some bad apples that are scams. However, there are also some bad dentists, auto mechanics, and lawyers as well. But that doesn't mean they are all bad. It's important to know your rights under the Credit Repair Organizations Act which governs how credit repair companies provide services legally.

If a company charges you up front, or promises to increase your scores by a specific amount, or doesn't advise you of your rights in writing they are in violation of the Credit Repair Organizations Act and you can file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

Get credit information and decide for yourself who to trust to help legally improve your credit.

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