Prayers for Prosperity

As Prosperity Theology has gained acceptance, Christians are all the more frequently encouraged to bring prayers for prosperity to God trusting that He will bless those who petition Him. Not so long ago in our history, it was thought that asking God for material blessings was not an appropriate prayer.

It was once believed that God would only bless when prayers were made to help others and not self-centered, therefore Prosperity Theology has brought many of our viewpoints to a new level.

While there are no magical prayers or formulas that one can pray to obtain God's blessings, the Bible does teach us that "Men ought to always pray and not faint." Since God desires that we prayerfully bring our petitions before Him, are prayers for prosperity acceptable to bring before God? Let's look at the role of prayer in a Christian's life.

While this may not totally capture all that prayer does in the life of a Christian, here are some of the benefits of prayer in the life of a Christian: The power of prayer can help us to overcome any conflicts, obstacles or pain in life.

Through prayer, we obtain victory over issues or addictions that may have kept us bound, we obtain God's guidance and support through prayer, we obtain release from fear, stress, sadness and prayer gives us the assurance that we are not alone, someone is with us in our journey through life.

Prayers for prosperity are not "unacceptable" to God. God does desire that we bring all of our concerns to Him and He is just to answer our prayers for prosperity according to His will for our lives. In fact, in the Bible, you will find those that prayed to God for material and spiritual prosperity.

One Biblical prayer that was made popular and is currently well known (and well rehearsed) is the prayer of Jabez which is found in I Chronicles 4:10. The Prayer of Jabez, made popular in 2000 after being introduced by author Bruce H. Wilkinson, an Atlanta evangelist, relates the prayer a little known man in the Bible by the name of Jabez who prayed that God would increase his property and his petition was granted by God.

In the Bible, we also find that Solomon didn't directly pray for prosperity but he prayed for wisdom and wisdom is able to lead to prosperity and in many of the Psalms of the Bible, prayers for prosperity may be found. Many today are convinced that there is some 'correct formula' to pray and God will bless with prosperity, but what is often overlooked and was alluded to earlier is that one of the keys to prosperity is to link up your will, your plans and your desires with God's will, plans and desires for your life.

Also, understand that while God welcomes our petitions, prayers for prosperity alone may not bring the prosperity hoped for. For true success, one must incorporate God's covenant principles of tithing, giving, sacrifice and hard work along with prayers for prosperity to experience true prosperity in life.

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