Should You Repair Your Credit Yourself or Get Professional Help?

Can you legally repair your credit yourself? Of course you can. The Fair Credit Reporting Act is only one of hundreds of State and Federal consumer protection laws, regulations and rules designed to address consumer credit related matters to help you.

However, the best way to improve your credit is to start by gaining a good understanding of the credit reporting process. In other words, it's important to know not only which credit laws to apply and how they protect you as a consumer, but you should also have a good understanding of how the credit bureaus operate and learn everything you can about credit scores.

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A good understanding of the credit reporting process is important because the credit bureaus routinely work in opposition to consumers' interests in resolving credit report errors. As private "for profit" entities, they make their money by collecting, selling, and marketing consumers' personal credit information. The fewer consumer challenges to the credit information they provide, the more profitable their businesses become.

So as a consumer, your interests are not necessarily aligned with the interests of the credit bureaus. By getting a better understanding of the credit reporting process you can become better equipped to fix your credit. So if you want to fix your credit yourself, you can.

However, you should also know that there are several advantages to having a professional to deal with the Big 3 Credit Bureaus on your behalf. Understanding how the credit bureaus operate, keeping track of correspondence, and properly disputing negative inaccurate and outdated credit information is crucial to getting results.

You may not be familiar with how to properly draft credit dispute letters and may lack an understanding of the many credit reporting laws. You may simply be too busy to dedicate the time and effort necessary to legally repair your credit. So if you want professional help to legally improve your credit, contact us to schedule a credit consultation.

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