Teachings on Tithing

The Power, The Promise, The Purpose of Tithing

When studying teachings on tithing, you may be asking "why is tithing so important?" "After all, I go to church and I give when I can." "So what's the big deal about tithing?"

Well part of the purpose of tithing is to release God's power to receive God's promise of prosperity for our lives.

In his book "Keys to Financial Excellence" Phil Pringle provides excellent teachings on tithing and how it relates to our ability to succeed in life.

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Malachi 3:10 reveals that giving the tithe is directly associated with "opening the windows of heaven".

"Bring all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be food in My house, and try Me now in this." Says the Lord of hosts, "If I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you such blessing that there will not be room enough to receive it."

This teaching on tithing indicates that God promises to open the windows of Heaven when you tithe. Thus, the implication is that the windows of heaven were closed prior to that point.

The only other times the phrase "windows of heaven" appears in Scripture are in Genesis 7:11 and 8:2, in reference to the great flood. Part of the cause of the flood was that God "opened the windows of heaven." That phrase refers to a great outpouring of rain on the earth.

For the crop farming community of Israel, rain was one of the greatest blessings they could receive. Their entire livelihood depended upon whether it rained or not.

On the other hand, judgment often came in the form of drought (Haggai 1:11, 2 Chronicles 7:13). The farmers have no control over the weather. They can till the soil and sow seed, but they cannot control the weather. So they are at the mercy of the weather, which means they are completely at the mercy of God!

Unless He opens the windows of heaven and causes it to rain, their fields will not yield crops and they cannot be successful in their business of farming.

Likewise, regardless of what field of business you are in, there are some things you depend upon that are beyond your control. For example, it may be the real estate market, the stock market, government regulations, or economic trends, etc.

The "opening of the windows of heaven" refers to those situations we have no control over - windows that are closed or opened in accordance with God's will alone.

Teachings on tithing suggests when we honor God with our tithe, surprising "coincidences", providential meetings with key people, favor with those who have influence; all sorts of unforeseen things
can come into play on our behalf.

That's the big deal about tithing. When studying teachings on tithing, just remember "Bringing the tithe" comes with a promise of blessing! So honor God with your tithe, that He may open the windows of heaven in your life.

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